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NOGA Director: "Google violates Dutch Gambling Act"

In an interview with Meneer Casino, Peter-Paul de Goeij, Managing Director of trade association NOGA, claims that tech giant Google continues to earn money through the sale of advertisements that promote illegal gambling in the Netherlands. According to De Goeij, this behavior not only threatens the regulated market, but also amounts to a violation of the Dutch Gambling Act:

"Many players who make use of illegal offerings have fallen into this trap through online advertisements. This includes ads that appear on Google. Strangely enough, plenty of such advertisements can be found there.

Google is a company that – indirectly – earns a lot of money from illegal gambling. They sell search engine advertising that promotes unlicensed gambling. In my opinion, this violates the Dutch Gambling Act. [...] apparently it is very difficult [for the regulator] to take on big tech companies such as Google and Facebook, and to persuade them to do the right thing."

A quick check confirms De Goeij's claims. Searches of phrases such as "online casino" not only result in the display of ads from Netherlands-licensed operators, but also shows advertisements from affiliate websites that clearly and unmistakably promote illegal offerings (e.g., "Top 10 Casinos With Ideal 2023 – Online Casino van Nederland" – all of which turn out to be unlicensed).

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Elméletileg a Google-on nem lehet szerencsejátékokat reklámozni a magyar piacon, de elegendő csak egy ilyesmire rákeresni, és láss csodát:

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